Innovative Home Décor Ideas with Bold Colors Inspired from Case Design and Remodeling Inc.

Your home is your own retreat where you should see everything you love and fulfill your desires. If you have a powerful personality, you can use bold colors such as orange, green, red, and purple to decorate your home. Yet, you should use such bold colors carefully because they will affect the activities and mood of your family members.

The popular way to add a bold color in a modern home is using accessories or accents. For example, you can use a floral black frame to the window of your traditional reading nook. However, you can inspire your décor from the Arlington home decorated by the team members of Case Design, as they use red furniture and patterned curtain in the neutral colored living space, royal blue dining table walls, deep sky blue bathroom walls, and slate blue entryway walls.

You can use bold colors such as orange, green, or yellow as accent colors in your home with white or brown backgrounds to provide the place a powerful, fresh, and shiny look.

You can use such colors as wall accents, tiles, or furniture pieces according to your desired portion of color. The simplest way to add a pop of bold color to a certain room is to use fresh colorful flowers and green plants, colorful lighting fixtures, or throw pillows.

If you spend too much time in your kitchen, it will be an ideal space to use your favorite bold colors. For example, you can decorate your modern kitchen using green wall accents, light green furnishings, blue and yellow pendant lights, light blue chairs, or even cadet blue walls with spotlights to highlight your accents. Whatever the way you will use, try to make sure that you really love it.