Innovative Indoor Planter Design Ideas

If you haven’t an outdoor garden, your home will be void of life. Yet,you can still bring that warm and breathtaking natural look to your home interior using special planters that will impress you with their impressive look and function.

The self-watering planters will be your best choice for the indoor gardening, as your plants will use the necessary amount of water and maintain your space clean and attractive. The grow-system aeroponic has an innovative design on the shape of a tray that can hold from 24 to 34 plants. The body of this planter consists of a tank, table, rack, and cover and work with a closed watering cycle to provide your plants the needed nourishment and limit the disease transmission.

The innovative technology of aeroponic soil-free gardens will bring the natural element indoors easily. Such a garden hasn’t carbon footprint and doesn’t need chemicals; thus, you can eat its products safely. The portable herb planter is another interesting and durable option that will create a garden natural feel at any part of your home.

In your living room, it will be a great idea to use growing books to refresh the look and feel of the place. Such planters are made of carved out books, soil, and stones; consequently, they will provide the room a warm and homey feel.

The well-chosen indoor planter can take your memory back to your golden years. For example, you can find a Treasure Troll Air Plant Pot with green plants as the hair of the toy. Similarly, you can bring the tropical feel to your home using pineapple plant holders made of colored cement or plastic molds filled with liquid concrete. The natural geometrical shapes of this planter will blend with the modern and traditional styled homes alike.