Innovative Kitchen materials for a Cozy Look by Marie Lail Blackburn

When you get into your kitchen every morning, you wish to find energetic and encouraging elements to help you spend a great day. The question here is; what can you add in the next remodel to keep such a timeless and innovative look in your kitchen? For this, the high functional and decorative materials with your favorite colors will fulfill the task perfectly.

The main source of inspiration in your kitchen can be the countertops that come with a wide range of traditional, modern, and ultramodern designs and materials including cork, butcher block, reclaimed wood, stainless steel, glass, natural stone, and quartz.

For an innovative look, Marie Lail Blackburn of MLB Design Group uses a countertop made of a combination of concrete and recycled glass and called Vetrazzo and patina zinc materials for eating countertops and laminate countertops along with warm colored cherry cabinets.

As a principle attraction to the eye because of their splendid designs and colors, the backsplash tiles range from simple to highly ornate designs to match almost any kitchen design. Marie loves to use Mercury mosaic backsplash tiles- or circles tiles- to add a feminine and colorful touch to her designs the Oceanside glass tiles for a masculine and dramatic touch.

The wooden floor is not a perfect option in both of your kitchen and bathroom because of the direct use of water most of the time. If you still love such a wooden option in your kitchen, you can use innovative materials such as wood-looking porcelain or ceramic, as you can find them with different finishes such as cooperage floor, stave floor, bole-floor, and Mafi Nero coral oak. Along with such real or faux wooden floor options, Marie and her team use Crossville porcelain tiles, glass tiles, or even ceramic tiles to cover the walls and provide the place a unique contrast.