Innovative Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Having a small bathroom does not mean that you should get rid of all of its components. Instead, youcan organize your bathroom in a genius way and use the decorative elements that will give the place a spacious look. Here are a few decorative tricks to give your small bathroom a wider feel.

The components of your bathroom should fit the size of the place in addition to your needs. For example, you can design a bathroom without a bathtub, with a trough sink, or with a round vanity to save more space for the necessary items such as the toilet and showerhead.

Such a bathroom will need less decorative and functional accessories such as the toilet paper holder that can be installed to the side of your toilet and the towel rack on the back of the main door or the shower door.

It will be a great idea to use decorative tricks like the wide and large strips and the large mirror that will expand the space of your bathroom. You can install aluminum modular storage units that can rotate using a simple touch. Try to use the number and size of units you need only to avoid cluttering the place and store your necessary items. The crafty and wall-mounted faucets will need narrower sinks; thus save more space for the toilet the traffic in your kitchen.

The suitable white and colorful lights at different parts in addition to the window that will fill the place with natural light will expand and decorate the look of your bathroom. The long curtain will provide you the needed privacy and decorate your bathroom. The final touches like the light colored wall tiles or floor covers will certainly complete the inviting look of your small bathroom.

Pics Via : hometrendesign

Pics Via : designlike