Innovative Strategies to Arrange Your Living Room’s Furniture Inspired from Shari Misturak Projects

“Making the space appear a lot extra loose is just not easy,” said Shari Misturak of IN Studio and Co Interiors, who will share you her precious and innovative ideas to arrange your living room furniture pieces.

If you think that you can simply place a large sofa with a couple of armchairs, ottomans, a coffee table, an end table, and a bookcase beside one another to get a professional look. Yet, you should use a certain furniture arrangement strategy that will match your living room size and style in addition to your own lifestyle.

For example, if you have a sunny living room with lots of windows, you can face chairs and sofa toward one another or toward the fireplace for warm conversations.

The size of your living room will certainly effect the arrangement of its furniture. For example, you should use key seating pieces such as two sofas with an end table or a couple of chairs on each side in your long and narrow living room to provide the place a visual balance.

In your large living room with a high ceiling, you can fill such a vertical height using tall potted plants in the corners and a round area rug with similar seating area or divide the room into multi-functional zones using a console table, a screen, or a daybed.

Using any of such strategies, you should create a suitable focal point and center point, adjust the scales of your furniture, and consider the traffic to create a flexible space. You can create an appealing look in the place using various or contrasting colors and sizes and connect such elements with the suitable artworks. Don’t forget the effect of throw pillows and curtains to combine all the elements of the room elegantly.