Innovative Ways to Create a Mini-Room within a Larger One

The multi-functional rooms become a prominent feature of the small sizedmodern homes to save more space in a whimsical way. The mini-room can serve as a separate functional room or a function related to the larger room according to your needs.

If you need to create a mini guest room within your living room, you can create a cabin out of wooden panels in one of the large room’s corners. You can create the walls of this mini-room from the same materials and with the same colors of the large room’s walls to give the place a spacious look. You are free to build floor to ceiling walls or shorter walls for the mini-room. The second option will let you use the external surface and even walls of the mini-room to store your books or even to place a bunk bed.

The mini-room can serve as a home office, a nursery, a playroom, an additional bedroom, a home theater, or even a dining space. The point here is to design the room in an innovative way to make use of every single space keeping the inviting look of the large room. If your mini-room is too small, it can still serve as a reading nook, a workspace, a laundry room, a storage bench, a homework nook, or a craft room. You can create the mini-room without a door or use a suitable curtain in the informal rooms such as your bedroom or laundry room to keep the open and airy look in the large room.

The interior design of this mini-room should be simple and inviting to be an extension to the larger room. You will need to use space saving furniture in the room to give the place a spacious look increasing its functionality at the same time.

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