Innovative Ways to Maintain Your Wooden Fence

Taking care of your garden should begin from the outer fence that will be the fa├žade of your home. Actually, that fence will need a regular care from the first day of its installation till you change it after long years.

At the stage of your fence installation, the protective measurements will greatly prolong the age of your fence giving it a healthy and attractive look. For example, you can choose high quality wood with dark, strong, and dense heartwood posts and soak their ends in a wood preservative for one or two days giving the rest of posts several coats of the resolution. Actually, this step will protect the fence wood from rotting for a long period, but you can paint the fence another coat of wood oil for a deeper protection.

If you need to remodel your existing fence, you should first clean the place and remove the external layer of the wood till you reach the entirely new heart. Now, you can apply wooden oils that include UV filters to protect the fence wood from the excessive heat of sunrays.

After the fence dries very well, you can enhance its external look when you stain or seal your fence several times to be protected from rain. You will need to repeat this process every two or three years to maintain the look and functionality of your fence.

The color of your fence will reflect your elegant taste before your neighbors and visitors; so, you should choose the color carefully. Such a color can match the surrounding colors if your neighbors intend to create a unified look in the street. However, you can choose the color that will match your home exterior or interior design. To paint this coat, you will need an acrylic latex caulk or silicone, and you can change the color whenever it has a distressed look.