Innovative Ways to Remodel a Small Kitchen Inspired by the Designs of Adam Gibson

The modern kitchen layout, appliances, furniture, and gadgets can provide you countless ideas for your small space, yet you need to use them creatively. Some designers use space saving furniture and organizers to make use of every inch in your kitchen. Let’s make use of the designs of Adam Gibson and try to apply the suitable ideas in our homes.

The open design plan is a modern professional way to provide your small kitchen a spacious look. In the Elliptical Soffit, for example, Adam Gibson provides the place a spacious look opening up the walls of the kitchen to the dining area and uses glossy and clean lined furniture pieces to enhance the modern look of the place. In his own house, Adam Gibson uses crisp white walls, cabinets and island in addition to a wall leading to the outdoor garden to provide the place an innovative spacious look.

If one of your family members or children usually cooks with you, you should create a space for both of you to move freely. The modern transitional kitchen with oblong booth created by Adam Gibson will be an ideal choice, as the designer uses a curved eating peninsula and a round breakfast area to make use of the architectural designs in the place. One of that kitchen walls serve as a storage space because it has several cabinets, pantries, and large built-in appliances.

If your kitchen is too small, it will be a great idea to use a pullout island and cabinet in addition to multifunctional appliances. Adam Gibson uses a pullout microwave, spice rack, and refrigerator drawers to increase the functionality of a small kitchen. In such a kitchen, the designer uses clean lines, marble and glass wavy mosaic backsplashes, and white and reflective surfaces to provide the place an innovative modern spacious look.

You can still use different colors or just white and red colors in your modern small kitchen using mosaic backsplashes and colorful lights to create different moods of the place providing it a warm feel. As a luxury home designer in Western Europe and North and South America, Adam Gibson can remodel existing kitchens and provide you innovative ideas to solve all of your kitchen’s problems or design a new kitchen that match your lifestyle.