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Innovative Ways to Provide Your Home a Personal Touch Inspired by Vicki Blake-man Interior Designs

To decorate your home, you can create a wow factor and comforting look using a few decorative elements from your own choice. This is exactly the perfect way to provide your home a personal touch without cluttering the place. Let’s inspire a few ideas from Vicki Blake-man Design to apply the concept of personal touch perfectly in our homes.

Decorating your home with your favorite artworks is the popular way to provide the place a personal touch. In your living or dining space, you can customize a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with several storage spaces, laser cut wood panels, adjustable shelves, and LED light strips on the central door and under the open shelves.

Such a luxurious cabinet is an ideal space to display your favorite collections or artworks. The interior designer Vicki Blake-man and her team use such a cabinet to display artworks in a luxurious home hanging the family framed photos in the entry hall along with a dark red modern sculpture.

If you have an empty wall in a neutral colored room and need to provide it a personal look, it will be a great idea to install a suitable sized colorful painting or open shelves built into the wall with a bold colored background. Along with the natural centerpiece of your dining room, you can install open shelves above the sideboard and display your favorite plates, sculptures, framed paintings, or decorative vases in an elegant way.

Your choice to the furniture pieces is an innovative away to provide your home a personal touch. For example, if your family members have different tastes, you can use a modern sofa with traditional chairs and a patterned area rug just like the designs of Vicki’s team. In your kitchen, you can arrange the furniture around a large island or create your favorite shape to spend amusing times in such a personal space.