Have an Inspirational Asian Bathroom!

If you are about to renovate your bathroom and you want a brand new idea and theme for your bathroom then this article is for you. If you are about to renovate any other room in your house then this article will definitely inspire you. If you are not about to renovate anything in your house then this article does not aim to change your mind, however, it will give you information, amusement and who knows it can be a reason for you to rethink things. Bathrooms are becoming more and more innovative by the time especially the Asian ones as they offer ornament, detail and warmth.

You know, my dear reader, as a designer I have this crazy idea about bathrooms is that they are the most relaxing place ever in your home and no, not for the reason you just thought.The cleaning process we undergo each day take up a lot of time daily and it can be so relaxing in the right bathroom and this is the same idea offerred by the Asian bathroom designs. In their book “contemporary Asian Bathrooms”, Chami Jotisalikorn, Chamsai Jotisalikorn, Luca Invernizzi Tettoni, Karina Zabihi argue that a relaxing atmosphere is the inspiration behind the Asian themes and designs.

Further they elaborated also that the reason behind the emergence of Asian bathrooms are the inspirational atmospheres found in Thai and Balinese resorts. To create a zen-like bathroom is possible by all means if you followed the Asian color palette using the right colors. Not only colors contribute to your aspired theme but also tge accessories you add will play a major role in this particular type of design as it is famous to be detailed and ornamental. Typical Asian bathroom colors will be the vibrant ones like orange, dark red, brown and beige combination, sage green. As for the wood for your bathroom, Asian designs rely very much on dark wood.