Inspirational Ideas for Designing Gorgeous Modern Homes

When you design your modern home, technology and simplicity are the most important features that you need to focus on. Make sure to make the design functional in use and contemporary in look. If you want to achieve the most contemporary look, make sure to include glass, metal and stereotypical concrete.

Everything in modern homes should be functional; to reach this level you need to have the things that you really need. The things that fit your personality, serve your needs, and make your daily life much easier. Let’s dig deep, when it comes to choosing the colors for your modern home, the main rule is, choose the colors you like, just make it all matching. The most used colors in modern homes designs are the neutral colors and bright or bold colors as accented colors. The modern color palettes include, white, cherry red, black, orange, brown, yellow, lime green, etc.

The main lighting sources in modern homes are windows, but we will talk about it later. The most used lighting fixtures in modern homes are, pin lights, up lights, wall lamps, spotlight, pendants and decreased lights. As I mentioned above that windows are the most used lighting source in modern homes and to get as natural light as possible design floor to ceiling windows. The common used designs are glass windows with aluminum frames; you can also go creative and use wooden windows.

Providing enough storage places in modern homes is the main step to keep your home arranged. So, make storage places as much as you need according to your needs and activities. Use every possible inch in every room to store the things you need. For example, in living room use built in shelves, couch with storage places, in bedroom get a bed with storage drawers or under mattress storage, use high cabinets in your kitchen, and use storage units in your bathroom.

Having enough storage places will make the next step easier, which is providing enough free spaces to move freely through your house. Don’t put crowd your home with many or large furniture pieces; remember go simple is the main rule. When you shop for your furniture, take the measurements first and choose the size of the furniture pieces matching with your home space, for example don’t put small sized furniture in wide spaces and vice versa. Home designing is fun, just put a good plan, stick to the basic rules and unleash your creativity.

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