Inspiring Andalusian Décor Touches for modern or traditional homes by Jo Fiorella

If you a fan of travelling, the Andalusian decorative style will certainly inspire you with its coastal colors and detailed accessories and patterns. The modern and traditional family homes with Andalusian and multi-cultural decorative elements decorated by Jo Fiorella and her team can provide you precious ideas to apply in your home.

Painting your home a new color is the cheapest and most effective way to decorate your home with a certain decorative style. Jo Fiorella uses cream colors in the living spaces and darker shades with white ceiling in the dining room. You can still use mustard walls with deep terracotta, white, or watermelon. You can still use complementary or monochromatic color schemes according to the mood and effect you need to create.

In your traditional home, you can create an Andalusian look using terracotta or varnished wood floor in addition to natural material furniture and furnishings.

Jo Fiorella and her team depend mainly on the natural light in a farmhouse with Andalusian touches using warm artificial lighting options to create a sense of balance with the sophisticated and rich colors of the place. You can use Andalusian photo frames with detailed wood or metal ornaments or a combination of different materials with unique patterns.

In a modern home, Jo Fiorella and her team create an Andalusian touch using Moorish-like patterned mirrors, metal accessories, bathroom tiles, area rugs, paintings, curtains, and windows. The home is painted a combination of mustard and light brown walls along with stained walnut floor, but the soaring ceiling and large windows create an airy feel in the place. Fiorella tries to provide the place a pop of color using rich colored stairs and paintings in addition to 3D baseball themed pictures in the bedrooms.