An Inspiring Décor Guide to Decorate Your Beach House by Kate Jackson

The beach house is not only a space for summer amusement, but also a perfect space to live in throughout the whole year. If you are eager to know how, here is a perfect beach house decorative guide to help you by Kate Jackson.
The modern beach house with clean lined furniture and calming palette become a trendy option among the interior designers.

If you will decorate one, try to keep the place as simple as possible to draw the eye outdoors. In the Bonnet shores, Kate Jackson uses a couple of cushions and trees, neutral colored framed pictures, a transparent roman shade, and a couple of decorative pillows.

The crisp light walls and pops of fresh colors help you see the beach theme everywhere. You can enhance such a beach feel placing a bench with a few colorful pillows under every large window.

You should make the best use of the outdoor space in your beach house designing a porch, a dining deck, a lounging deck, or even a window area. Kate Jackson recommends installing wicker outdoor sectionals and chairs, teak dining tables and benches in addition to an upholstered chair to bring the indoor flair outdoors. For the lounging deck and window area, Jackson recommends modern stylish lounges and armless chairs with decorative canvass pillows and a wicker swing with fluffy pillows for more luxury.

Both of the roman shades and floor-to-ceiling curtains are recommended in your beach house, but you should keep them simple and lightweight as possible as you can to let the natural light flood into the place. Kate Jackson uses simple patterns in such beach houses such as the white and blue or black waves or zebra patterns along with blue and green accents.