Inspiring Ideas to Arrange your Wardrobe

What a chaos!! Do you say these words when you open your wardrobe? If your answer is yes, please join me to help you change this with some inspiring ideas. We all have unused clothes in our wardrobe for so many reasons like, these clothes don’t fit your weight or your style anymore, the colors aren’t your favorite or they aren’t comfy.

Some others keep their unused clothes for emotional reasons like, they were a gift or they bring back good memories. The first step to have a well arranged wardrobe is to check your clothes and get rid of all the unused clothes. Donating these clothes to charity or selling them would be a good idea. Well, now we have a bigger storage space, let’s arrange it.

Section your clothes into groups according to the seasons; store the out of season clothes away from the other clothes. You can store these clothes inside any other storage place in your bedroom if you have one, and if you don’t, you can store them in plastic bags under your bed.

Most of the wardrobes have one rod and couple of shelves. If your wardrobe doesn’t fit your needs any more, you can buy or customize a new one, or use an organizer for your recent one. Whatever the choice you will make, make sure to consider your needs, for example, if you have t-shirts more than dresses, choose an organizer with more shelves than rods.

If you the above solutions don’t fit you and you want to keep your wardrobe the way it’s, you don’t have to worry, there is always plan b. You can store your shoes in their boxes or in clear plastic shoes bag and put them on the wardrobe floor or on some shelve. Hang your clothes according to your daily use, favorite colors and types; this is up to your life style. Choose hangers with different types and colors to each kind of your clothes, for example, use plastic hangers for your skirts and wooden hangers for your shirts.

You don’t have to put your belts, ties or scarves with your clothes; you can use a tie hanger or you can buy sticky hangers and stick them on the door from the insides. After you finish, clean your bed room to feel the complete organized atmosphere. Now, open your wardrobe and enjoy your effort. I can see your smile .