Inspiring Ideas for French Country Design

French country design is one way of spreading rustic chic magic in your house décor. It has the type of simplicity and elegance you find in old manors in Camargo in southern France. Even though it is some sort of an old look, its admirers are rapidly increasing. Here are some ideas for using this type of décor in your house.

1- Best thing about French country decor is that you mostly do not need to spend a fortune to apply it in your house. In your bedroom for example, you do not need a headboard with elaborate carvings and heavy patterns. you don’t even need an armoire in the room which is most suitable for places with tiny space. Moreover, you do not need anything more than a simple quilt in solid colors (preferably white).

2- Alter your shower curtain a bit to get a fabulous French country look. Mount a shower curtain in the same length of your already hung shower curtain next to it and suspend it from your shower’s loops. For the best possible look, use a toile. Another great idea, is to get some Marseille olive oil soap and put it in an earthenware bowl with the rest of your toiletries.

3- To give your living room a French country look, cover your living room sofas and chairs with linen or cotton slipover covers in soft colors. Needless to say, you need some cushions and quilts in striped or checked patterns.

4- Wall art in French country is rich and divers. Your options are oil paintings, lithographs, etchings, watercolors, black and white photographs, and drawings. Typical French country themes are landscapes, country landscape scenes, people, animal and green life portraits and stills.

5- Ornaments in French country décor are simple. There is no expensive vases or pricy sculptures. I remember seeing this absolutely beautiful corner in a French country house, and it had a rusty little garden table covered with a collection of seashells, rustic enamelware and elegant glass and crystal.