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Inspiring Ideas to Refresh Your Bedroom Design

If you looking for amazing ideas to refresh your modern or classic bedroom design, then you are in the right place. As a start if your bed has a headboard, replace it with a collection of canvas oil paintings with your favorite theme, and then paint the wall with a color that matches the background of the canvas paintings. You can also hang wall vases at both sides of the canvas paintings to add dimensions to them.

If you want to refresh your bedroom lighting design, you can hang an electric or candle sconces on the walls at both sides of a painting, you can put a floor lamp at any empty corner or you can replace the ceiling pendant with a chandelier and vice versa . Adding candles as an additional lighting source to your bedroom is very affordable option and it will add a relaxing, romantic and warm touch. You have variety of shapes and sizes that will fit any bedroom design, for example, you can put metal, iron, wooden or glass candleholders and for more contemporary look you can use spice aroma or vanilla candles. You can also hang a mirror to reflect the candle lights,

If your bedroom has a wide empty place, you can put a chaise lounge for relaxing or a bench in front of your bed. For more classic ambience you can put an Amish glider, rocking chair or upholstered chair beside a window for reading and you can put a side table next to it to put your books, magazines, and newspapers on.

If you want to add a decorative storage place, you can put an Amish chest drawer for a classic bedroom and for modern bedrooms you can customize a chest drawer that matches your bedroom set. You can put a picture frame, flower vase, beside lamp or any suitable antique on the top of your chest drawer or you can simply hang a mirror above it and use it as dresser. If you look for more simple and affordable ideas, you can hang paintings, family photos or 3D poster on the walls. You can also put bright, 3D comforter or throw pillows on your bed. Remember, your bedroom is the first and last place you see through you day, so you need to make it a refresh place to start your day from and a relaxing place to end your day in.

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