Inspiring Modern Outdoor Rooms with Braitman Design Studio

Do you have a porch, patio, front yard, or backyard space and need to create a special retreat or a family entertaining room? You are already in the right place, as you can inspire such amazing ideas from the designs of Braitman Design Studio.
To create a formal fascinating outdoor room, in your backyard or side yard, it will be a great idea to create a sculptural pavilion fountain.

The team members of Braitman Studio create a similar dining room connected to sculptural fountains and a raised pond with a terrace above the dining area to create a natural retreat. To make use of such a fascinating look, the designers create a seating area using wooden, benches, chairs, and table to create harmony with the natural plants. To provide such family members their privacy, the designers create a custom steel gate with a cedar fence and galvanized steel roof.

If you have a shortage of space in your home, you can make use of the front yard and create an airy and natural living space. Such a seating area will be an extension to the indoor style, colors and materials to create a mix of warm indoor and airy outdoor feels.

In the backyard of your modern home, the Silver Spring retreat will inspire you greatly. In such a retreat, the team members of Braitman install a cedar fence, stone walls, a pergola, and a wooden deck in the backyard to create an outdoor kitchen, a seating area, and a dining area.

It will be a great idea to create an outdoor seating area connected to your interior with your favorite theme to entertain your friends and guests. For example, you can open up the indoor kitchen to an outdoor room with a beach theme to provide your home an airy and colorful touch.