Inspiring Simple ways to Refresh your Home Design

Change or renew the color of your walls, your furniture or both of them, just make sure to make the colors match with each other. Change your home lighting for example, if you use pendants replace it with a chandeliers. If you want to enhance the light of any room in your home, you can put a mirror in front of the window; it will reflect the sun light and gives your room a shiny look. If you don’t have a carpet try putting one and if you already have one change it, carpets give such a warm look to any room.

If your have wooden floors try to polish them with wax polish, it make them shine and bright. Since window treatments are an effective decoration element, replace them every once in a while with new styles and shapes. Add new furniture pieces to your home like coffee tables, sideboards, benches, sofas, fireplaces, etc to refresh your home design. you can change your dining table with a new one or change your dinning table’s chairs with new chairs.
If you have a bed without a headboard try adding one made of leather or wood. You can also replace your wooden dressing room or wardrobes doors with mirror doors; it will make your bedroom looks larger. Rearrange your furniture in a way that gives the feeling of an extra space. Get a new shower curtain and replace the old faucets with new ones. Change your kitchen’s counter tops or the cabinet doors; it will refresh your kitchen design.

You know something, throw all the old stuff that you don’t use, trust me I tried this idea and it really made a huge difference. You have variety of accessories types that you can add that will refresh your home design. Check your photo albums and choose some photos with nice memories, put these photos in beautiful frames and hang them on the walls or put them on any table in a nice corner.

Put green plants in your kitchen, living room and in your bathroom. Hang nice framed mirrors and paintings on your walls. Put some candles in your bedroom and your dinning room, candle lights give indescribable feeling. If you have a garden, you can put a fountain, wind chimes or some statuses to refresh your garden design.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to refresh your home design, sometimes simple changes, make big differences.