Inspiring Small Indoor and Outdoor Garden DIY Projects

If you do not have a space for an outdoor garden, you will be able to create a small garden in the available space inside or outside your home. Here you can find a few ideas to inspire you with the suitable small garden for your home design.

Having a portable garden inside your home will bring a new life to the place refreshing the look and feel of every room in your home. These DIY portable gardens will save your money, as you will mostly use available and inexpensive materials and you may plant vegetables and herbs to use them in the cooking process.

The cedar garden box with a strong nylon net will be suitable inside and outside your home, and you can design such a book yourself. You will need a suitable sized square cedar panels with three front and back holes for the trellis, then attach the supports and nets to the trellis. Now, you can fill the base with square cedar panels to begin your irrigation project.

The scaled garden will let you plant more items using a small floor space. You will certainly begin with the larger layer to reach the top with the smallest garden. You can hang the top parts of your garden or even mount them to the wallto be the focal point of the room. The concrete structure of your small garden will blend perfectly with your outdoor space, and the dividers will let you plant several types of plants in a small space.

The long and narrow U-shaped garden bed will let you take care of all its parts and will take less space of your floor. The wooden or metal container you will use inside your home should be strong and thick enough to hold water inside and keep your home clean.