Inspiring Tips to Paint your Furniture

You can do it your self, the mission isn’t that hard. Just follow the following tips and you will see how easy it’s. The fist thing you should do before staring the painting process is to get ready. Bring all the needed tools like the paint, paintbrush, gloves, mask and whatever you may need to get this mission done successfully.

If the furniture that you will paint has pieces that can be taken apart, start with this step. Separate all the parts and the hardware to make the mission easier for you. And if not, taking the shelves and the drawers out will be enough. If there are any holes or cracks, apply some wood filler on them and let it dry. Start sanding your furniture using a sharp, medium and new sanding paper, make sure to be so accurate when you make this step and pay a special attention to the places where you applied the wood filler.

Then, you should throw away all the residues away from your furniture piece. It’s cleaning time, start cleaning your furniture pieces with alcohol or ammonium and don’t forget to put some water to dilute these materials. Clean the place around you and send all the dust away so, it won’t fall into your paint.

Start the painting process by priming your furniture piece and give it time to dry. The primer will make the color last for long times and will make your furniture color look so unified. It’s time to sand the prime and don’t forget to push away all the residues after you finish. Now, you can apply the color by using a foam roller to paint the surface and a high quality paint brush for the edges and the corners. After you finish take a look at your furniture piece and paint the missed or unpainted areas.

After painting your furniture piece you may feel that it needs another coat of painting, there is no problem about that, you can just wait until the first coat dries and then you can apply another one. It would be amazing if you apply some lacquer on your furniture piece after it dries to protect it from any scratches and to make it look so shiny. Now, it’s time to do nothing but enjoying your great work.