Inspiring Transitional Elements to Keep Your Kitchen Trendy by Sandra Nance

The transitional kitchen designs are up-to-date options, as they combine the original and rich traditional features with the sleek and clean line modern design elements. If you already have a modern or traditional kitchen and need to change its look and function, you can simply add a new texture, color, or even furniture pieces with a different style.

The open and airy look is a key feature in the transitional kitchen designs, as the natural light can provide your various elements a unified finish. Sandra Nance of Arizona Designs team tend to remove the wall between their kitchen and living space or even install a large bay window to let the natural light fill the place. To distribute such natural light perfectly, you can install cabinets and island with clear or frosted glass doors or even opt for glossy and light colored surfaces.

In your transitional kitchen, you can use natural and manufactured elements and combine them using a neutral palette. For example, Sandra and her team design a small transitional kitchen with natural knotty alder cabinets and island along with stainless steel appliances, lacquer and glass surfaces, and geometric shaped

backsplash tiles to prove that the different finishes can create a striking look. Adding a texture to your transitional kitchen is a great idea like such a stack stone texture at the fa├žade of the island and the wall above the cabinets. To complete such a transitional look, try to avoid the intricate carvings and use clean lines instead.

The surprising elements can provide your transitional kitchen its authentic look. You can combine the items your family members love in your transitional kitchen, but keep them harmonized by a unified color, material, or even size scale.