Inspiring and Unusual Shelves for a Modern Home

The unique shelving system will add a decorative and fresh look to your modern home in addition to its functional role. Such shelves come with different designs, shapes, and colors to blend with the theme and decor of any room in your modern home.

Installing the wall shelves that will match the theme of the room in a unique way will be an impressive idea. For example, you can install opened and closed shelves on the shape of a real car in your car themed home to add an inviting look to the place. The fold out shelving system is an unusual way to install the functional shelves and wall murals at the same time; as the shelves can be turned to decorative wall murals when they are not used.

The bakery shelves are made of wood on the shape of bread to give your home a cozy and warm look.You can install unusual pipe shelves to your lovely living room or bedroom as they are made of metal coated with a thick layer of paint to perfectly look like your kitchen or bathroom pipes. Such shelves come with different designs and sizes to perfectly match your modern home.

The unusual brace shelves depend on the taut cables to hold your items in a marvelous way. You can change the arrangement of such cables easily and regularly to give your modern home a fresh and inspiring look.

The corner shelves come with different unusual designs to save your space and create an uncluttered look in the place. Even if you have a hole in the floor, you will have a marvelous chance to install floor shelves.

Such shelves will add a sense of simplicity and elegance to your modern home. The wallpaper shelves can be extended to store your items and return to itsoriginal shape when it is not used.

Pics Via : francotechnogap