Installing Crown Molding Has Never Been Easier With these 7 Steps

Crown moldings are these constructions made of millwork and plaster to gracefully decorate the top edges of the walls. It gives any place the sort of elegance and drama that makes you think something like: “wow, that must have been hard to make” or “That must have cost a fortune!’ Well, we will show you how to install it easy for less than $3 per foot.

1- Decide on a type of crown molding design and type to use. A good choice would be foam molding covered with plaster.

2- With a handsaw and a miter-box, cut the molding and put it upside down on the miter box. Brace it against the side and bottom at an angle and start cutting it with the handsaw.

3- As for corner points, you have to cut the molding at a 45 degree angle. Make the top part shorter for inside corners and bottom shorter for outside corners.

4- At the bottom and top edges of the molding, spread joint compound then stick the molding. Long pieces are joined with a butt joint. Runs that are longer than 4 feet should be Supported using 8d nails.

5- Use your fingers to fill the gaps with more joint compound and smooth the seams where it meets the walls and ceiling. Put more compound over butt joints.

6- With a wet sponge, clean any extra compound. Let it proud of the joint then sand it when it dries out with 150 grit sandpaper.

7- Use a primer on your molding then paint it to match the other trim in the room.

Wow, you did it! You now have the new definition of beauty and elegance decorating your walls.

Pics Via : thejoyofmoldings