Interesting Accent Wall Ideas for Your Living Space Inspired from Heather Alton’s Projects

The main decorative part in any living room is the accent wall that will certainly accommodate a large part of your family’s activities. The style, color, and materials of such a wall will affect the whole space and reflect your personality; so, Heather Alton of New England Design Elements will help you take the right decisions concerning this wall.

The accent wall can easily provide an immediate draw and add a unique dimension and drama to your living room telling your guests silently the details of your personality. You can decorate such a wall using original or faux materials or even wallpaper as per the style of the room.

For example, the mosaic wood rings, concrete, brick, slate, grass-cloth, and stone accent walls are perfect choices for your rustic living room, but the ocean patterned gypsum and 3D or faux wallpaper will accentuate your modern space perfectly.

If you love the regular change, you can keep the accent wall with the same color and look of the other walls accentuating it with painting, framed photos, family memorabilia, or artworks. If your living room has a clear view over the outdoor garden or natural views it will be a great idea to set such a large window as the focal point or accent wall of the place. Instead of the four walls, the ceiling can be a perfect focal point in your modern or traditional living room with its gypsum board designs, architectural details and colorful lights.

In your kitchen and bathroom, the mosaic tiles will provide you a chance to add a color and texture to the place like such a seaside bathroom designed by Heather Alton and her team. Enjoy the following inspirational photos to Heather’s projects and apply immediately what will be appealing to you.