Interesting Artistic Details to Enhance the Sophisticated Look of Your Bedroom and Bathroom by Regina Sturrock

The large furniture pieces and heavily ornamented accessories are no longer stylish options, but the decorative details can make the difference. If you love the clean, simple, and timeless spaces, Regina Sturrock’s bedroom and bathroom decorative ideas will certainly inspire you.

Your bedroom needs a sense of richness sand comfort to help you spend the nicest hours in your day. For this, Regina Sturrock decorates a French-inspired bedroom and a spa bathroom using a strange combination of neutral colors, warm wood floor, and rich fabrics and textures to let the homeowner spend restful times in such a sanctuary. Regina and her team use a combination of rustic decorative details such as distressed wooden furniture, pale blue accent color, and walnut floor to decorate such an airy southern bedroom.

Even if you love the sleek and minimal look, you can create a touch of sophistication placing the bed under a window and two decorative wall scones and using a luxurious area rug like such a central Oakville bedroom. Similarly, you can create a sense of balance in your contemporary bathroom using a few classic details such as a porcelain bathtub, similar wall and floor stone tiles, and a few candles like such a glamorous bathroom.

As a personal space, you can create a sense of sophistication in your bedroom using ambiguous pieces of art like a geometric shaped piece of wire, a puzzle, or even a piece of jewelry, but make sure you will smile and remember a positive situation whenever you see them.

The architectural details can easily create a sophisticated look in both of your modern and traditional bedroom. In a traditional Toronto bedroom, the unique ceiling details, surrounded with wall panels and moldings create a breathtaking focal point in the place.