Interesting DIY Techniques to Renew Kitchen Cabinet Doors by Jenny Levitsky

Renewing the look of your kitchen every now and then enhances the mood and relationships of your family members, especially if you have your food in such a space daily. If you have a tight budget, you can just change the face of cabinets to transform the overall look of the place.

Don’t be ashamed of your old cabinets whenever your friends visit you, as you can easily change the center panel or paint the flat panel chalkboard paint to enhance the traditional look of the place.

Instead, you can replace the face of existing center panels with 3D copper panels, grass wallpaper, stainless steel panels, metal art cutouts, embossed metal panels, or resin panels according to the mood you need to create. In addition to the previous options, Jenny Levitsky and her team recommends the use of glass cabinet doors as they enhance the open and stylish look of the place.

As a DIY lover, you may be confused between the decisions of painting or staining your kitchen cabinets to brighten and refresh the look of the space. If you need just to darken or lighten your kitchen cabinets keeping the original and pure look of wood, staining them with one of about 70 cabinet transformation colors will be a great idea. Jenny recommends the Bri-wax or wax with stain for the DIY lovers, but you should read the instructions before you get involved into your project.

To refresh your kitchen with an innovative pop of color, you will find unlimited colors and shades, but make sure that your cabinet material will hold paint well. Jenny Levitsky uses several admirable stain and paint colors in her designs such as deep red, soft green, greenish black, dark grey, ebony, and certainly white to impress her clients.