Interesting Family Kitchen Ideas Inspired from the Projects of Nancy Jacobson

Do you have a growing family with two or more kids and intend to remodel your existing kitchen? This time, you should apply kid and family friendly ideas to be able to cook, study, chat, and congregate together. Here are a few ideas by Nancy Jacobson to consider in your coming remodel.

The size of your kitchen, the number and age of your family members, your lifestyle, and the number of your expected friends are the main criteria you should consider in your family kitchen remodel.

In all cases, you should choose easy to clean surfaces, accessible storage spaces, a multi-task island, a recycling center, and easy to wipe down floor option. Such features will “encourage family members to help themselves and participate in meal preparation and clean up,” says Nancy Jacobson.

If your family members go to the grocery once a week, you should add modular refrigeration, refrigerator drawer, and pantry cabinets with rollout drawers for the dry food. To store your dinnerware and small appliances, Nancy Jacobson of Kitchen Design Partners recommends the adjustable drawers and shelves to store your dinnerware and different-sized appliances. You can still install warming drawers with regular, independent, or varying schedule sizes along with microwave ovens to keep the food ready most of the time.

In your open design apartment, it will be easier to design a functional and inviting family kitchen. Instead, you can incorporate a work area in your kitchen using the corner of your countertop or a desk and a tall pantry to let your kids study or play near you or to continue your work at home. In such a family kitchen, you can use lighted cabinets with glass panel doors to display your family’s dishware or collection and combine your family members around them.