Interesting Floor Design Ideas for Modern Homes

Your floor tiles are mostly a permanent part of your home design; so, it should be chosen to adapt with any home d├ęcor. You can find illuminated, interactive, or eye deceiving floor designs to add an interesting look to your place.

The optical illusion 3D floor comes with different drawings such as gold fish pond, a swimming pool, climbing men, and mountain prints to give the place a real look. Such a floor can enhance the theme of your home and will give your children a perfect place to play and spend amusing times especially in their playroom. The optical illusion floor tiles with geometrical shapes such as cubes and lines will add an interesting look to the place. You can trick the eyes of your guests using wood-like rugs to be able to remove them and change the look of your home regularly.

The interactive floor tiles will be extremely amusing for your children as they can operate lights and technological devices using the touch of your feet and hands on the floor tiles. This can be a technological way of teaching your kids new information in different fields. The radiant heat floor will heat up certain spots in the room and define them with a red color to let you enjoy the warmth of the place. The puzzle floor will let your children busy all the time learning new skills and enjoying their times. Even the adults will be interested by the unique look of this floor.

There are different interesting materials that will give your home a marvelous look. The glass tiles can create unique patterns and shapes in your home reflecting your elegance in designing your home. The rubber floor will protect your feet from slipping on the ground and will keep the decorative look of your place.

Pics Via : uujcu