Interesting Home Library Designs for Modern Homes

Having a library at your home means that you enjoy and appreciate reading books even if you have electronic books on your computer. Actually, reading books will enrich your knowledge from the authentic resources and give your time a special value and feel.

Your home library can serve as a marvelous decorative piece with its interesting designs in addition to its functional role protecting and organizing your books. The cave library will give you or your kids a special place to climb to and read interesting books away from the outer distractions. The fairy tale butterfly library will be an interesting addition to your little girl’s room; especially if the whole room is decorated with that theme. The inverted library will be perfect in the small sized apartments because you will use the upside and downside of every shelf in the library.

The invisible library will be an interesting option in your boy teenager or your own room as it will give the place a spacious look. The teacup library has another interesting design that has the shape of various teacups arranged vertically.

You can find a book tree that will organize your books in a uniquely decorative way. The foldinglibrary has unique shelves made of cherry wood. The parts of its shelves can be folded to the wall when they are not used to give your place a spacious look. The rolling shelves can be the right choice for your small space as you can shape the flexible shelves with different forms.

The stickle library will give your living room an interesting look as your guests will feel that the books are floating, but they are supported by aluminum brackets with combed strips to hold the covers of your books. These designs will certainly add a unique and interesting look to your home.

Pics Via : decoist

Pics Via : homesoo