Interesting Ideas to Add a Fake Fireplace to Your Home

Do you need to create a warm feel into your light colored modern apartment or rustic home? The fireplace seems to be a perfect option, but most of the modern homes do not include fireplaces in their original architectural design. In this case, you can design a fake fireplace to bring a similar effect to your home.

Designing the perfect fake fireplace will depend on the style and size of your home in addition to the look you need to create. If you have the time and skills to begin a DIY project, you can recycle the available square furniture pieces to form a fake hearth and mantel.

For example, you can find an old dresser with drawers to create a realistic looking fireplace with an open space at the center. If you have notold furniture pieces, you can use two decorative pillars and four square-shaped pieces of wood in your rustic styled home.

Decorating such fake fireplaces will provide them a realistic look. For example, you can use large candles inside your fireplace to resemble the hearth giving the place a warm feel. Instead, you can install shelves inside the frame of the mantel to use them as a small bookcase or even a decorative part with a pot of fresh plants or a vase with artificial colorful flowers. You can create a visual aesthetic look in the place using a variant with ornamental grating according to your taste.

You can install a movable fake fireplace made of wood to one room to change its location according to your needs. For example, you can use an armful log of wood in your rustic home to create a warm and inviting look. It will be a great idea to paint your fake fireplace to blend perfectly with your home decor.