Interesting Storage Space Ideas Inspired from the Projects of Fabulous Interior Design Team

When you design a new home or remodel your existing one, you should consider your lifestyle and the number of your family members to find the perfect furniture. Nowadays, you can find furniture with unexpected storage spaces to match your small home space.

It is not easy to create a clutter-free space in your kitchen, as it usually has several appliances, utensils, pots, pans, and wood cans and packages. That’s why you should install different options such as under countertop drawers, corner pullout shelves, under sink hacks, floor-to-ceiling pantries, and built-in appliances. Try to use glass and glossy surfaces and light colors to enhance the spacious look of your kitchen.

If you love reading, it will be a great idea to customize a large bookcase with a mirror at the center to provide the place a spacious look. You can install built-ins in your living and dining room to store and display your items or customize innovative movable walls to store your elements inside them.

The trick is that you can install floor-to-ceiling built-ins and paint their doors and sidings the same color of the wall to enhance the spacious look of the place. It is an innovative idea to install a sliding closet to store your clothes and serve as a room partition in your open design apartment.

In your large or small bathroom, you can make use of every part such as the space behind sink and toilet or the organized bathroom closet to provide the place a clean look. It will be a great idea to install sealed wooden panels with special hacks around your bathtub to store your shower needs and products. You can make use of a small corner space in your bathroom to install sliding racks and store your towels cleverly.