Interesting Types and Designs of Leather Furniture by Scott Dean

Your classic or even high-end modern living space needs a comforting and stylish collection of sofas, chairs, and ottomans covered with suitable colored high-quality leather. To invest your money in high-quality and aesthetic leather furniture, Scott Dean will share you his experience and guide you to the perfect choices for your space.

If you adore elegance and ready to pay a considerable amount of money, the full grain leather furniture will be your perfect choice, especially if you don’t have children or pets.

You can create the same elegance and keep the clean and soft look of your living space using top grain leather furniture pieces, as you can sand or process their surfaces regularly to remove the imperfections and markings. In case you have kids or pets, you can use affordable split-grain or bonded leather furniture, yet, you will sacrifice the elegant look and texture of high-quality leather.

The top-grain leather furniture pieces come with different types with different colors and textures. The pigmented leather, for example, is covered with topcoat and pigments to look colorful and shiny, while the pure aniline keeps the natural characteristics and texture of top grain leather. Moreover, there are semi-aniline, protected aniline, distressed leather, embossed leather, and antiqued leather that will spruce up both of your classic and contemporary living spaces.

Using the previous information, you can define the perfect leather furniture type for your living space. Instead, you can ask the manufacturer about every type you choose, test the texture and durability of leather with your hand, compare the cleaning instructions of different types, and make sure the furniture pieces are made of untreated leather. In general, the high-quality leather will return to its original shape after you press it, be cool in summer and hot in winter, be fire resistant, and need minimal effort for cleaning.