Interesting Warm Colors for Your Modern Home by Friedman and Shields

Color is a powerful way to set a certain mood or style in your home; so, try to use it carefully. The warm shades are restful and somehow stimulating, yet you can enhance such a look using the right lighting options. The decorative elements of Traci Shields and her team’s projects will certainly inspire you to find the best color pallet for your home.

The neutral colors with their light and dark shades can provide your home an incredibly calming look. Traci Shields and her team create a luxurious look in a modern home using monochromatic shades of brown walks, floor, and furniture. Above the custom gas fireplace, the designers install a combination of brown textural wall panels and walnut strips- looking panels to create the focal point of the living area.

Friedman and Shields team members enhance the warm look of the place using cove lighting, spotlights, and warm white colored chandeliers.

You can still incorporate dark shades of green and blue along with ray and cream colors in one home to create a warm feel. Friedman and Shield team members apply this idea in a contemporary home using a unique geometric shaped dark green headboard and blue pillows in a grey-colored home.

The warm colors in your modern master bathroom are key elements to create a spa retreat. In Phoenix, Traci Shields and her team create an incredibly relaxing feel in a bathroom using white countertop, elongated front toilet, freestanding bathtub, wood finished porcelain floor and shower wall tiles and sink, an espresso wooden vanity, stainless steel faucets, and an antique Asian wall panel.

The earthy colors in the place in addition to the unique glossy materials create an interesting look. In another master retreat, the designers make use of the natural light in addition to natural stone countertops and grey colors to create a relaxing look.