Interesting Ways to Incorporate Your Lifestyle into Your Home Design by Debbie Gersh

The real soul of your home is not just its final look, but how it fits your lifestyle and needs. You can create this look providing every room a personal touch and an ultra-functional look. Here are a few ideas from the designs of Debbie Gersh to help you in your project.

The homeowner of a Meyer-land home remodeled by Debbie Gersh admires the artworks and artistic life; so, Gersh creates an elegant dining space with interesting moldings and trims and a special space to display such artworks. In a Southwest Houston home, Gersh creates a simple remodel for normal family using neutral colored walls, patterned fabrics, and hand-made colorful backsplash tiles. If a member of your family adores the mid-century designs and the other prefers the modern, you can inspire an idea from the Mid Mod home, where the designer uses sleek furniture with ornamented framed pictures.

For a traditional lover family in Bellaire, Debbie Gersh creates an ultra-functional kitchen and dining area with a Tuscan feel. In such a kitchen, the designer installs cabinets along the usable wall space in addition to built-in appliances to provide the place a spacious look.

When Debbie Gersh is asked to design an open floor plan, she and her team” provide the open feeling the clients want, while at the same time creating the different “rooms” they also want”, she said. In New Meyer-land, she designs an open space with warm lights and colors, L-shaped base cabinets, glossy natural stone countertops, and wooden floor.

Even your bathroom should fit your lifestyle and provide you maximum comfort. In Mid Mod master bathroom, Gersh tries to make use of the small spaces keeping the mid-century look of the place at the same time. In Sunset Boulevard, the claw foot bathtub and breadboard reflect the homeowner’s love to the traditional designs.