Interesting Ways to Provide Your Home a Modern Farmhouse Touch by Ann Cummings

The modern farmhouse style is an interesting way to provide your home a combination of stylish, versatile, comforting, and restful feel. You can create such a look in your existing home painting the walls new colors or using warm and rough wooden furniture. Here are a few ideas to create an eclectic look inspired from Ann Cummings designs.

If you have a home with outdoor natural views, the modern farmhouse interior style will create a unique warmth and luxury. In an Arizona farmhouse, Ann Cummings and Design InSite team install natural fireplace, beamed ceiling, hardwood furniture, shaker cabinets, and roman shades to enhance the farmhouse style look. The modern lighting options such as hidden light in the suspended ceiling and spotlight provide the place a stylish touch.

If you already have a modern home with neutral colors and glossy surfaces, you can use a couple of distress colored pieces of furniture to provide the place a sense of balance.

In Point Loma home, Ann and her team install quartz countertops, glazed porcelain floor tiles, Sherwin slate backsplash, and ivory opaque track pendant light along with large farmhouse furniture pieces and embroidered decorative elements. The designers apply the same idea in San Diego using a case-like coffee table along with patterned upholstered seating furniture.

In another San Diego vacation home, the designers install restoration hardwood dining chairs, a similar chandelier and upholstered furniture with stylish and sleek modern elements such as quartz countertops and glass surfaces. You can use farmhouse fabrics with rich colors such as navy blue or deep grey in a modern home or just layer a country quilt with cozy bedding to provide the place a romantic and warm feel.