Interior Design 4

Interior bedroom colors – color and comfort

You restore yourself in your bedroom after a hard day, so choose the interior bedroom colors carefully to keep the bedroom environment cheerful all over the year.

The most important point here is to what extent the bedroom color will comfort you whether it is black or pink. The crucial point is achieving your comfort.

The core factor concerning interior bedroom color is your comfort and cheerfulness, so never listen to others’ opinions or preferences. You are the only one who will enjoy your bedroom, unless you share it. If you have a partner, make sure that your partner will find the same comfort you have.

Realizing the harmony of colors helps you decide your bedroom colors with high sense and great taste. Rules of professional colors include monochromatic, analogous and complementary relationships. If you have a color wheel and you study these relationships, you can be professional in color coordination in bed rooms.

Reading the following tips and taking a look at the next photos helps you decide the colors of your bed room:

1. Use orange to feel powerful, especially in bright shades. This gives you happiness and optimism.

2. Yellow represents wisdom, patience and sunlight. So, use it especially in gold tones.

3. Use pink for bedroom walls to get cheerfulness.

4. Purple refers to trust, respect and faith. Use it in curtains, bedcovers and pillows, but not on walls so as not overpower the room.

5. Blue is the color of growth. It brings comfort in bedrooms.

6. Green equals nature, optimism, and cheerfulness. For your kids bedroom walls, choose light green colors.

7. Red is a powerful color, so, use it reasonably in bedrooms. Use quiet brownish red for pillows not for walls or drapes.

8. White is a lively color. White in ceilings gives more light to your bedroom.