Interior decorating living room ideas

Living room is a place where we spend much of our time in it ,either in entertainment , watching TV, reading , spend time with family and friends , reading …… etc . So its design must be comfortable and elegant at the same time .You have all right to choose a highly decorative design , but keep in your mind the types of activities you will do in it and then decide .

Here you are some ideas which can help you in choice the suitable design :

1- In large living room , you can divide it into different parts each part set for special purpose on the condition that the space between each part not too big or small .

2- Avoid over crowd furniture in small Living room in order to not loss its real purpose ,comfort and fun .

3- Try to choose bright color for the wall with few dramatic dark touch as frames , light spots , portrays ,clock ….etc .

4- Curtains and drapes play an important role in improve the decor of the living room . So they should be matched with the paint and furniture .

5- For the furniture you can choose the dual- purposes pieces like sofa which transformed into bed . They are practical and less cost . The fabrics can be sturdy to withstand frequent use and easily cleaned .

6- Light also play a great role in highlight the beauty of the decor . It consider a focal point in itself . If you want an ambiguous look for your living room use the light spots . There are different types of lamps can be used in living room . Some lamps provide task lighting called table lamps , while others used in corner called floor lamps .

For adding a marvelous appearance to your living room you can use wall sconces around focal points or hanging fixtures like chandeliers in the ceiling . you can not imagine to what extent they can change the look of the room.