Interior Design and Interior Decorating Styles

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nterior Design and Interior Decorating Styles – What’s the Difference? The first question that comes to our minds is what the definition of style of the room is? Simply, all the objects from a room such as furniture, appliances, fabrics, paintings, flooring, lighting, architectural elements and wall colors and the way they connect and relate to each other, all of that represent the style of the room.

There is no contest that interior decoration assists in enhancing our lifestyles and also developing our lives to great extents. You can express your personality by decorating your room with your own style as the way we decorate our house exposes a lot about our personality.

Unique designs need imagination, then how to enrich your knowledge about a particular aesthetic? Nicely, by reading about it or analyzing applied examples of that style. There are various styles to choose from, such as contemporary style, retro or vintage style, modern style, French country, Tuscan and Swedish. If you love nature, then all that you need is to install the Mediterranean style.

Likewise, the classic style uses paint colors often reflective of nature, such as green, blue, terracotta and yellow, so it is a popular style. Keep in mind there are some styles based on the Mediterranean style such as styles from Morocco and Italy.

For more sophisticated atmosphere, you can use several styles in your home. If you are looking for unique styles, opt for Swedish or Scandinavian styles. To make your design more elegant and stylish, go for simple and unfinished wood. Remember, if you want to decorate your room in a contemporary style, you have to opt for minimalist furniture with hard, geometrical lines. The minimalist furniture will make your room catchier.

If you want to grant your house a very dark and heavy theme, go for gothic style as solid wood furniture, hardwood flooring, wrought iron accessories are used in this style. Decoration absolutely needs revelation and you can get some by eyeing the next amazing pictures about interior design and interior decorating styles – what’s the difference?

4 Beautiful Home Interior Design Styles

1- Traditional style

If you are coming from a busy day and want some relaxation, then nothing can beat the traditional style. The traditional style combines appealing and comfort together. What are the reasons that make the traditional style, comfortable and inviting? Simply, because large furniture items, such as country style furniture, layered fabrics and whole lots of accessories such as lamps, plants, and china, mirror vases are used in this style. If your house is in a traditional style, then the best colors for you are red, maroon and white.

2- Asian design style

If you are affected by the Chinese and the Japanese way of life, then you should opt for Asian design style. The Asian design style is characterized by peaceful, serene interiors. Wooden and bamboo furniture and accessories are exceedingly used in an Asian home. If you are one of lovers of the sea scene, opt for the tropical design. The best colors for tropical homes are beige and white, along with shades of blue and green.

3- Art deco ambience

Sleek, strong lines are a mainstay of art deco ambience, this style is a great, because furniture that is used in art deco ambience is made of wood and lacquered in black and the flooring for this style of interior decorating is generally black or white marble.

4- English country style

Comfort and functionality are the best words to describe an English country style. This style will provide you with a warm atmosphere as it uses a lot of warm colors. Furniture used in country style decorating is generally heavy in wood work. If your house is facing a sea, then all you need is installing the Mediterranean theme. By using this theme, you will feel that you are in Greece or Italy.

You can get inspiration from the following pictures about 4 beautiful home interior design styles.