Interior Design Elements and Principals

The elements and principals of home design are the systematic way that you should follow to ensure the success of your home design project. The elements are the guidelines that should be decided before you start your design; while the principals are the rules that will bring everything together during the design process. Here are the key elements and principals that you should consider.

The main elements that should be decided at the beginning of your process will include the color that will define a certain mood, highlight the focal point, and give the room its unique depth and spacious look, and the natural or artificial light, such as the task, ambient, accent, or mood lightings, will contribute to define the mood of the room. The element of texture, whether it is rough and nubby or smooth and shiny and the line will decide how the room will feel. The horizontal or vertical lines will decide if your room will feel feminine, balanced, or attractive. If you are dealing with an old home, the available space will decide the size of your furniture pieces.

During your design process, you must apply the design principals such as unity, balance, scale, rhythm, proportion, and details. You can use the symmetric or asymmetric balance to achieve the visual stability. Then, your design will look great when you adjust the scale and proportion of your objects to get a symmetrical looking home. You can use particular elements repeatedly to achieve a special rhythm with different patterns. Now, you can create a focal point applying emphasis on one piece. Don’t forget the small details that will you’re your interior design special personality and meaning. Applying these principals will help you get a unified and harmonious looking interior design.