Interior Design Ideas – Bedroom in Your House

Interior Design Ideas of Each and Every Bedroom in Your House, The rules of decorating actually differ depending on which room you’re designing. Is it the master bedroom, the kids’ bedroom, or an extra small one? This article will surely inspire you with almost all the secrets of designing perfect bedrooms.

There’s, in the master bedroom in your home, the highest level of privacy you could ever reach. Hence, it has to be designed according to your personal preferences and your practical needs. The finishes and decorations have to hold your personal touch. Even by simply hanging beautifully framed photographs of your beloved ones or by hanging paintings of your favorite artists, by then, the personalized touch, along with the feeling of utmost relief in your own haven, are completely achieved.

The colors of bedrooms walls in general are recommended to be neutral and light and to evoke a serene and tranquil atmosphere. It’s preferable to use water-based paint though, to ease the cleaning process. If you’re painting your kids’ bedroom, seek out some hand painted wall murals – representing themes of things adored by your kid, such as his favorite cartoon character, undersea worlds, or forest themes.

If your bedroom is relatively small, then use a gloss finish on the walls and place decorative items made of glass or metal; those can reflect a lot of light and give the room a spacious feel. You can also achieve that by placing a mirror in the opposite wall of the window.

Also, try having as many proper storage spaces as you can. There are numerous kinds of beds that come with hidden storage spaces; they could be your best solution, in addition to storage bins, shelves, freestanding bookcases, and cupboards. A decorative trunk at the foot of your bed will offer both the aesthetic appeal and the functionality. It all depends on how much storage space you require though.

One thing that you want to avoid in your bedroom design is using marble, granite, or tile as a flooring option. Those materials are literally cold all the time, especially in the winter. The ideal options would be carpet or wood flooring. Wall to wall carpeting will make your room look much wider. Conversely, in a large bedroom, throw small – matching or contrasting – area rugs, which blend well with the overall theme for a charming warm feel.