Interior Design Ideas for Baby & Teen Girls’ Bedrooms

Since baby girls’ nurseries are designed entirely according to her parents’ preferences and requirements, the designing process becomes incredibly easy. For example, most of what you’ll need is down to a beautiful crib or basinet and some neat built-in cabinets and drawers to store away your baby cloths, diapers, and other necessities.

Make sure though that you’re allowing maximum amounts of natural light and ventilation in your baby’s room. And as for the floor, wood or tiles are widely more recommended than a carpeted floor which harbors dust and dirt and thus requiring higher-maintenance. Also, consider painting her walls with a neutral shade so that she wouldn’t be distracted from her toys by flamboyant wallpapers.

Now designing a teenage girl’s bedroom is a whole other world. Her bedroom doesn’t only affect her; it actually defines her and should reflect her personal taste. Therefore, careful planning is essential and taking into consideration her preferences is of paramount importance. For instance, if she wants to paint her room in black, you can redirect her to paint only one accent wall in that color – behind the bed for example – which will make a perfect focal point. Blackboard paint and some furniture pieces in black are also fun and subtle choices.

You both could alternatively consider painting the walls in neutral shades and accentuate them with stenciled wall art in a complementing bright shade. Neutral colors will also help you when your girl’s opinions alter as you’ll be left with only replacing few removable accessories such as rugs, drapes, and bed sheets. That way you will have a genuinely different look in the room without paying too much.

Even though girls’ bedrooms aren’t limited to certain feminine colors anymore, there’re specific items every girl’s haven should have. So spruce up the furniture with a little beautiful touches like a fancy vase with fresh flowers on her desk, a wall painting or an artwork, a vintage gramophone or a phonograph, and a lace lampshade beside her bed. Those little things would truly mean the world to her.