Interior Design ideas for kitchen

Kitchen consider one of the most important part in our house . It takes a big part of our daily activities , begin with having breakfast till eating some snacks during night . So it in not only place for cooking , but also a place for family meeting .

The interior designers for kitchen search for what people ,especially women need in their kitchen and result in some new ideas like : Some people prefer modern kitchens that opened on other parts of the house , so their design must be in match with home design . While other people prefer metal surface kitchen for its shinny appearance , durability and easily cleaning. Others say the design must give good use of space , and provide enough space for cooking and free movement i.e a practical kitchen . So what kind of kitchen do you want ?

There are some steps you could follow it during choose your kitchen design

1- Firstly , you should pay attention to some basics as the measurements of the place and position of windows and door, position of appliances and sink, amount of entered natural light .

For the position of sink , oven and fridge they must be distributed in a triangle manner for easily cooking and washing with saving your time .

2 – Then, choose the suitable design , it is better to have a metal kitchen ,as it has different colors and designs . And for worktops ,the Granite is the best one . Rather than its wide range of colors which fit any kitchen ,but it also can stand water , heat and scratches . Granite also add an elegant look to your kitchen .

3- The drawers and cabinets of the kitchen must be easily open and designed in a suitable manner for smooth access to crockery .

4-you can add some touches in the kitchen which highlight its beauty like , putting fresh flowers and plants that give a pleasant odor ,hanging some beautiful simple paints , use focus light in somewhere and other creative ideas you can do .