Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Rooms

There are numerous interior design secrets to a stylish and comfortable small living room. Use the following interior design ideas which allow your living room to look larger while still making use of every inch of space possible.

1. Avoid the Clutter

Clutter can sometimes become a part of your design, thus making the room appear smaller. Hide the items you need to use every day by some creative storage options such as a pretty box that matches your decor or a decorative basket.

2. Colors

A dark color is not the best idea if you want the room to appear larger. Soft and light colors, such as light blue, yellow, and other pastels are great for small living rooms.

3. Fabrics

Fabrics can also make the living room look smaller. Thick curtains that block light give the impression of narrowness. If you hang the curtains several inches above the actual window, and chose longer panels, the room appear larger and thus adds a visual space.

4. Art

A piece of art can really be effective for your interior design. It can draw the eye to something interesting, and away from other areas of the room may not wish to focus on.

5. Flooring

As with dark colors, rug can also make a room appear smaller. Light hardwood floors will be in harmony with your light-colored walls and will make the room look bigger.

6. Furniture

Furniture can also either help to create space or straiten a space. There are good ideas to keep clutter and add extra storage options without adding more pieces of furniture such as the use of a coffee table that has multiple drawers underneath or use a coffee table with an ottoman that opens up with storage space inside.

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