Interior Design Tips – Design your Home

The interior design is to turn your home into effective settings for the suitable activities according to each room’s function. The interior designers can design your home by the way that will bring comfort and satisfaction for you and your family members. If you have some skills, you can use your own ideas to design your home in a decorative and functional way.

Designing your small house will need some space saving measurement to make use of your space effectively and help the place look larger. The most important rule is to avoid cluttering your space by accessories or unused items and to use maximum three light colors on the walls. The accessories used in your home should be functional or bring visual interest to the wall. Every room has its functional accessories, but you can add your personal touch adding a framed picture for your family to any room. Try to use plain fabrics with small printed patterns and medium sized mirrors to reflect the natural light into every corner in the house.

Using the natural colors or neutral tones with natural plants- such as a mini garden in the middle of the living room- will give the place a spacious look. Try to choose the simple and functional light colored furniture pieces in every room to get a unified look.Your kitchen and dining room will look well-arranged if you can choose wireless appliances or if you can hide your wires properly.

Try to use dimmer lights in the reception and the areas of relaxation and well illuminated lighting fixtures in the functional areas. Some rooms such as your kitchen and living room will need more than a lighting fixture because they are multifunctional. The accent lights will decorate your rooms, give the place a spacious look, and highlight the focal points.