Interior Design Tips Living Room

People spend most of their time in their living room. It is a place where families come together to relax and enjoy a television program as it also the place where guests come to spend time full of entertainment with the home owners. Thus, if you do not have distinctive interior design or hate your living room these top tips can help you to convert your regular living room into a masterpiece.

Tips of traditional living room design:

Traditional interior design follows the architectural of the old style themes those were used in large castles, large houses and palaces.

• A very bright lighting is undesirable in the living room.

• Natural embroidery patterns such as flowers will greatly enhance the traditional look of interior design theme.

• Where you could, use brighter colors. The color scheme and the use of fabric for upholstery have a significant impact on traditional living room design theme.

• All the elements of furniture should have molded edges. The other accessories such as wall hangings, chandeliers and oil paintings should have traditional painting styles.

Tips to modify your living room into something spectacular:

• You should place your furniture around a focal point which is an architectural feature such as a fireplace, Television or a piece of artwork.

• If you have too many things in the living room, you will feel that the size of the room is smaller. Try to throw or give away certain things then put them in storage.

• Rugs are great to define the living room area.

• As a general rule the floor should be darker than the walls.

• There should be lights for different scenarios such as reading, watching TV, and parties.

• Add some plants, colors and mirrors to make the room feel more alive but find the correct balance between them.