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Interior Design Tips for a Small Bedroom

All it takes, besides using the right techniques, is opting for suitable colors, furniture pieces, and lightings to make your small bedroom look much bigger and much more glorious than ever. Read this article to know more about the smartest techniques in such cases.

When it comes to purchasing furniture, try minimizing its amount to what’s needed. Avoid bulky furniture pieces and intricate carvings as it will make the room feel cramped. Also, make sure to utilize, not only the floor space, but also the four walls and ceiling to their full potential. For example, install some built-in shelving all the way up to the ceiling to emphasize the room’s height.

Mounted nightstand will add an extra floor space and a couple of wall-mounted lights will gracefully replace table lamps. Also, nothing beats an elegant transparent acrylic chair in a small space; it provides the required seating while being almost invisible.

As for the bed, consider having the exquisite multi-functional daybed. It takes way less space than normal beds do and comes with a storage built-in space underneath, as well. Alternatively, you can anchor a normal bed on four wooden blocks to have the required storage space underneath. Ample storage spaces like these will indubitably take you halfway there!

The color scheme depends entirely on your taste. However, consider the following technique while painting the room in your favorite color;

Using various shades of one color family on walls and ceiling will eliminate the shadow lines that visually define the room and thus making the room look wider. Therefore, avoid using dark shades for the walls and white for the ceiling, for instance.

Also, try the monochromatic decorating schemes which make it harder for the eye to see the actual limitation of the room. Or, you can use a light-color for two walls and a rich-color for the other two walls which will set them apart as if they are far away from each other. Any of these techniques, if used, will make your bedroom ever so spacious and beautiful, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot.

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