Intimate and Minimalist Traditional Family Room Decorative Tips by Heather Garrett Interior Design

Should I create a restful or entertaining look in my family room? What are the suitable colors and finishes that will reflect my family’s traditions? How can I combine all the tastes of my family members and provide the place a formal touch at the same time? If such questions usually come to your mind, Heather Garrett’s decorating tips are exactly for you.

“I’m a giant fan of Living Room minimalist spaces, especially furniture small living rooms with area rug and decorative pillows.” Such words summarize Heather Garrett’s concept about the minimal family room with its restful and simple look.

You can add to this the idea of contrasting colors between the furniture and walls to create an ideal family room. If you feel that the available furniture and accessories will clutter the overall look of the place, it will be a great idea to create an open design concept with a modern flair.

The color of your family room shouldn’t be necessarily your dream color, as you will consider the size of the room, your lifestyle, and the color of your furniture. For example, the light mossy green with light grey accents will let your family room blend with the outdoor natural views and look spacious at the same time. Still, you can use different shades of orange to provide your family room a shining or inspiring feel or deep purple with chocolate undertones to create a dramatic warm feel.

If you have powerful sources of natural light and artificial fixtures, the charcoal or peacock blue wall colors with glossy finish will create a uniquely luxurious and sophisticated look in your family room. To create an unexpected look in your traditional family room, Heather Garrett recommends the bright Kelly green with high-lacquer finish or even jewelry-like colors, according to the size of your living room.