Interior Design 4

Invite nature to your home

You are a fond of nature .forests , deserts or oceans excite you. you prefer spending your spear time enjoying every natural detail you can find around you.  You like to take your family camping in natural places every holiday you wish if you could enjoy natural atmosphere everyday? Then why don’t you simply invite nature into your home ?

Paint your walls nature inspired colors such as mid-earth browns , sandy beige or forest greens and apply artwork for landscape scenes or forest scenes on the walls. Or even consider having a total wood walls, floors and ceilings which would be an elegant convenient choice that can add domination to the room and make every corner stand out with its natural flavor .

Wood walls are very durable as well even with hardly any maintaining . wood walls , floors or ceilings will doubtlessly succeed to accomplish its task of making a natural inspired ambiance in your room .

Another popular option that you can research which will definitely win your admiration is walls with inlaid stones, your favorite type of stone can be laid into one of your room marvel , ordinary pebbles , or any kind of colored stones walls or corners or even just a part of a wall in order to make the natural sense that you are seeking stand out more further.

Choose sandy beige colors for carpets or natural plants green . Add potted plants in the corners to enhance the natural look and contribute scenting the room. Water indoor fountains is a brilliant decorative piece that will adds tranquility to the room with its soft murmur of waterfall sounds . Copper chandeliers and candlesticks should be considered decorative items .