Inviting Natural Additions to your Modern Living Room

The natural element in your living room doesn’t mean only the green plants, but may include the stone furniture, artworks, and wall tiles. You can find various polished and colored natural materials with modern designs to provide your living room a stylish and warm feel at the same time.

The polished natural stone coffee table will be a cool addition to your modern living room as it will greatly increase the value of the place.The glass surfaces will blend perfectly with this room as they will reflect the natural beauty of the place. You can set the focal point of the room using the right natural stone type to cover one wall painting the other walls natural colors such as mid earthy browns, neutral beige tones, and deep purple.

The real natural elements such as green plants and water can add an inviting and warm look in your modern living room. The modern fountains with potted plants become available with various designs to blend with the decor and size of your living room.

Such fountains can be mounted to the wall or even placed above your coffee table to spread the fresh and inviting look in the place. The plants should be placed in a pot or basket that will blend with the room decor, but it will enhance this particular theme using wicker or any natural material with a modern look.

The fireplace made of modern looking natural materials will be an inviting addition to this living room. You can install polished bamboo floor to add warmth to the place or at least cover the floor with an inviting rug made of warm materials. The natural accessories such as seashells or river rocks will always remind you with your juries giving the room a personal touch.

Pics Via : innatcascade