5 Issues You Might Be Facing When Remodeling Your House and Their Solutions

Remodeling a new place is an exciting experience for anyone. Or that what it seems to be at first. Then you are faced with a diversity of problems that tests your patience and may very likely empty your wallet. We will talk about some of the “issues” that might be facing those who are considering renovation and how to work them out.

1- You have small place. This is the most common problem facing those who are remodeling their houses. For a small space, order custom design furniture. You can then control the size you want it to be. Do not buy whole furniture sets that crowd your space and deplete your and nature’s resources.

2- You have small budget. This is another common problem facing those who want to remodel their houses. You can choose a theme and a décor style that does not require pricy furniture, like minimalist, Country French and shabby chic designs. More over you can find many beautiful and unique pieces of furniture in yard sales and thrift stores, so go thrifting.

3- You love the color, but it does not look right in your room. The cause of this problem is that you are – most likely – using too much or too little of the color in your place. Remember that a place should have 60% of a main color, 30% of an accent color, and the remaining 10% is in splotches of other colors.

4- You love – or rather loved – how your furniture looks in the store, but hate it in your house. Moreover, you somehow even hate being in the room where that furniture is and being around makes you tense. No, this is not because there are awful ghosts, but because there is awful lighting. Improve – or decrease – the wattage power of your lighting.

5- The room is nice and all, but your guests say that it looks like a room in an hotel. This means that your place lacks your personal touch. Décor is more about using surroundings that you love, than it is about right colors, patterns, furniture etc. Add your signature touch here and there.